Who is Responsible if an Incident Occurs?

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Are Off-Duty Jobs Covered by Insurance?

Whether or not an agency’s insurance is extended to off-duty work varies according to State insurance laws, or even by agency, but in short, agency policies often don’t protect the officer or the business. Whether or not off-duty is covered often depends on how the officer is paid for off-duty.

While insurance can be confusing, to keep it simple, there are typically three types of insurance that apply to off-duty: 

Without an off-duty-specific insurance policy, the incidentals from an off-duty incident could still end up hitting the agency’s insurance policy or worse - not be covered at all. It’s best to make sure your officers, vendors and the agency are covered. 

Insurance shouldn’t get in the way of officers connecting with businesses to provide private security. When looking into off-duty solutions, be sure to ask about any insurance options they provide.