How Does Your Agency Monitor Compliance and Uphold Transparency?

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Using insights for visibility into compliance and accountability

Agencies generally all have an off-duty policy, but the level of oversight varies greatly, from a lot of oversight to the “wild wild west” - where the officers basically manage and work off-duty without agency knowledge or supervision.

Even when agencies provide a lot of oversight, manual processes, like using a paper calendar or even cumbersome group text messages, make it nearly impossible to evaluate policy compliance. Enabling transparency with the right tools gives agencies:

Visibility for Everyone

Bringing all off-duty job details into one centralized place (like a technology platform and mobile app that work together) benefits everyone involved.

It’s Not About Being “Big Brother”

Transparency, however, is important for a number of reasons - both internally and within the community. Accountability mechanisms uphold the integrity of the agency while keeping the community in-the-know. Having a well-informed community builds and maintains a higher level of confidence. This level of transparency strengthens the trust between police, the government and the communities and off-duty vendors they serve.